Countesthorpe Judo Club

Est: 2002




Countesthorpe Judo Club was established in April 2002, as a not for profit club to provide a sporting activity for local residents of Countesthorpe, Blaby and the surrounding rural villages by Jim Oram, Kathy Tranter and Paula Oram.


The club offers all new members a free taster session (First Lesson). All of our instructors are DBS checked, BJC qualified coaches and first aid trained. Countesthorpe Judo Club is affiliated to the British Judo Council (BJC).















We insist that all new members take out insurance cover in the form of a provisional licence which lasts for three months. The cost of the provisional licence is £10.00 for both Junior and Senior members which goes directly to the appropriate governing body.


Before the provisional licence period expires you are required to purchase a full licence through the club from the British Judo Council (BJC) this will enable you or your child/ren to practice judo, participate in Gradings and to take part in competitions.


In the licence you should affix an up to date passport sized photo this is to enable the member to be recognised at Gradings and competition events. The licence will show the results of grades awarded as member’s progress.


In addition to the above costs you will have to pay for training which is paid monthly in advance. After your 1st month we will ask you to set up payment via your bank. You will also need to purchase a Gi (suit for practising Judo) estimated prices available on request.


Gradings & Competitions:

Members will be put forward for Gradings and selected competitions after approximately three to four months of judo instruction.

Etiquette & Club Rules:

1.All members will abide by the rules of the British Judo Council. (BJC)

2.All members and any person entering the village hall will abide by both the rules of the village hall and Countesthorpe Judo Club.

3.All members and any person entering the village hall should familiarise themselves with the Parish Council’s fire evacuation procedure.

4.All parents and members will inform the club of any illness / injury or allergy that may affect their child or other members before they practice Judo.

5.Female members must wear a plain white T. shirt under their Judo Suit.

6.Any member who decides to give up Judo or to leave Countesthorpe Judo Club is required to inform the club to enable us to keep our membership records up to date.

7.Any member of Countesthorpe Judo Club that wishes to join another club must do so with the permission of both club coaches.

8.No member will use judo techniques outside the Dojo unless at organised Gradings or competitions.

9.All members will remove any metal object that pierces any part of the body, sharp objects, ear- rings, rings, belly button rings, necklaces from their person before taking part in judo.

10.Fingernails & toenails will be kept short before undertaking judo.

11.Members will make sure that their judo suits are clean before each session and that they pay particular attention to personal hygiene.

12. No members of the club are allowed to go onto the mat without a coach being present.

13. Neither Countesthorpe Judo Club or the Countesthorpe Village Hall / Parish Council will not accept any responsibility for any LOSS, DAMAGE or INJURIES whilst attending Classes at this venue, to participants and to spectators.